Modern yacht and commercial boat repair center located in a strategic location: the Strait of Gibraltar.
Muelle Alfau, s/n
51001 Ceuta (España)
Moderno centro de reparación de yates y embarcaciones comerciales situado en un lugar estratégico: el Estrecho de Gibraltar.

Astillero Med Gate

Med Gate Ceuta, is located in a strategic place, transit between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, the Strait of Gibraltar. It is a modern center for the construction and repair of commercial and private ships, consolidated in Spain and constantly growing

It has a significant presence, both in the national and international markets, offering a completely personalized customer service, services such as:

>  Ship’s building
>  Comprehensive repairs
> Retrofits, lengthenings, projects of installation of new engines, construction and/or modification of existing superstructures
> Blasting of hulls, decks & deckhouses, carpentry works, and naval upholstery
>  Yacht Captain services and supplies
>  Technical inspections

Located in Ceuta Port, with outstanding tax benefits and geographical advantages, the extension of the current concession is 6,054 m2 of land and 1,200 m2 of port public domain
water. We have a travelift with capacity for boats of up to 325 tons, 9 meters wide and 49 meters length overall.
We also have 2 building workshops for the repair, maintenance, and ships’ conversions with the capacity to accommodate the travelift and boats up to 40m in length.




We understand wood as a living material that tells many stories. We see them in its age. We realise them through its grain. We are transfixed by its colour, and when shaped and formed, its touch. The utmost respect is shown at every stage of working with such a sublime and singular material: from the traditional tools we use, to the many coats of varnish we apply, our sole aim is to bring these stories to life in the most expressive, beautiful and memorable way.
And rest assured: all our woods are sustainable and come from trusted, well-established suppliers.


Metal workshop

Durability. Finishing. Tensile strength. There are many qualities we look for in the steels, alloys and metals selection process. We use only the optimum grades for each specific purpose. We polish every exposed surface by hand to produce a mirror-like finishing. We continually strive to make burnished stainless steel surfaces reflect the bright, liquid essence of the ocean itself. Stream lines and languid shapes combine to highlight each yacht’s intrinsic design.



Surface finishing

We take our cues from those artisans who create the most exquisite pieces of furniture. Like them, we sand wooden surfaces by hand, investing many hours to get the level of finishing that we demand. Coat after coat of the toughest, most translucent varnish is applied to ensure that the natural beauty of the wood is matched by its durability and seaworthiness


Bespoke Design

“Individuality is at the heart of every build we undertake which is why we commission some of the world’s finest designers to express their art and craft on behalf of our clients. They work with the latest software and the finest materials. They create the most luxurious living spaces, like those of a contemporary home. They produce the most fluid of forms. And they bring your personality to life. Such luminaries as Ed Burnett, Rob Humphreys and Ibrahim Karataş have already worked with us on specific projects.


Quality Testing

Our belief in ‘pure craftsmanship’ manifests itself in every aspect of the building process : from the initial pencil lines to the second the yacht’s bow touches the ocean for the first time. And our ultra-rigorous quality-testing programme ensures that exemplary levels of quality are attained at every critical point along the way. Extensive evaluations and gruelling sea trials ensure our craft are as close to sheer perfection as possible and can therefore match up to the most demanding of expectations.”

Refittings and Rebuildings

Sometimes, the best way to get the craft you want is to buy an existing vessel and refit her. And of course, after time, some boats may need work to keep them in commission. Arkin Pruva Shipyard has the facilities and capabilities to undertake refits and repairs ranging from minor works to a full refit. You may want to return a boat to her original condition or strip a yacht down to the bare hull and completely rebuild the systems, engines, and interior. Just about anything is possible. In fact, adding entirely new decks and overall length extensions are not that uncommon. Whatever your requirements, at Arkin Pruva we pride ourselves on the ability to provide a truly bespoke service whilst always paying obsessive attention to pure craft.



Yate El Xargo

Eslora: 23,50 m.
Material Casco: Madera
Obra: Pintado obra muerta, repintados, antifouling.

My Bella Navetta

Eslora: 30 m.
Material Casco: Composite
Obra: Pintado casco y varios.


Eslora: 23,50 m.
Manga: 7,00 m.

Buque Shaf

Eslora: 55,00 m.
Obra: Pintado general

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