The most modern technologies are used for the blocks construction”

State-of-the-art 3D CAD-assisted design, numerical control cutting system, automatic flat panel line, automatic welding and laser dimensional control. All this allows the construction with a high degree of advanced armament and with the highest quality.


3D Structure

Wireframe view of the block design with the latest generation 3D CAD


Structure view with texture


3D blocks in slipway

View with outfitting elements incorporated on steel blocks


View with elements that can be incorporated (auxiliary motors, fuel service pumps, ventilation ducts, compressed air equipment and piping for oil, lubrication and compressed air services).





Plasma Cutting

Cutting by electric plasma linked to the CAD-CAM systems.


Automatic welding systems at sub-assembly stages of manufacture.


Flat panels

Fully automated assembly and welding line for flat panels

Line heating

Machine forming technique




Dimensional control

Dimensional check systems for units, applying laser and ultra-violet ray monitoring techniques, to guarantee excellent results in block unions and in the shapes of the vessel

Outfitting integration

Integration of the outfitting starts in the initial stages of block manufacture.

Semiblock union

The high cost effectiveness welding processes, semiautomatic with cored wires and automatic with submerged arc.


The painting of the blocks before their assembly in the slipway, allows important advances in quality and reductions in delivery times


Assembly in slipway”


Steel block mounting in slipway

The semi-blocks, with all their parts, are joined to form the assembly unit in a stand that optimizes the use of means and time


Final situation of the block in the slipway

The dimensional statistical control methods applied to the assembly of the blocks in slipways ensures precision vessel structures.

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